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Pesticides Silicone Surfactant


Pesticides Silicone Surfactant

Silicone Powder Efficient Wetting Agent


Product Description:

Its reducing surface tension ability is better than normal agents, it can reduce the water surface tension to 20.7Mn/m under 0.1% concentration, can promote pesticides absorption through leaves’ spiracle to avoid rain wash. It  is powder solid, so it is easy to add into solid pesticides and solidify leaf fertilizers.







White powder

  Solids %


Static Surface Tension (0.1%)





Application Method and Dosage:

Solid pesticides: Add CLIMCO-8531 can effectively reduce spray surface tension, improve pesticides effect

Solid fertilizers: Reduce spray surface tension, save water.

Plant growth regulator: 0.025-0.05%

Herbicides: 0.3-1.0%

Fertilizers and microelement: 0.015-0.1%


Storage and Validity:

Unopened stored at below 38, the shelf-life of the product from the date of production for 24 months.