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Silicone Surfactant for Pesticides


Pesticides Silicone Surfactant


Product Description:

CLIMCO-8330 can obviously reduce surface tension of water based pesticides mixture. CLIMCO-8330 can reduce the surface tension to 19.8 dynes/cm when the concentration is 0.1%, so it can let pesticide rapid wet and rapid proliferation on the leaves which difficult to wet, such as wax leaves’ surface. CLIMCO-8330 also can obviously improve the pesticide absorbing ability for plants, especial for water based herbicides in broad leaf. Because of CLIMCO-8330 fast absorption, so can generate “rain resistance”, this because herbicide has permeated into the surface of plants, not easy to flush away by rain.






Light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity 25/cst


Solids Content (120, 2h)


Relative density 25


Refractive Index 25


Static Surface Tension-0.1%



Aqueous dispersion, oil solubility

Pole Strength Penetration (0.1% a.q solution)




CLIMCO-8330 is a low molecular weight silicone polyether non-ionic surfactant, using with pesticides together to improve pesticides’ wetting, dispersing and spreading ability. Especially suitable for rice leaf folder, rice planthopper prophylaxis and treatment.



Super spreading agent

Maximum reducing surface tension of water, reduce the touch between pesticides soup and biology drone

Increasing the coverage of spray pesticide soup

Promoting spray pesticides soup rapid absorption

Rain resistance

Improving effective use ratio of pesticides, reducing dosage of pesticides (the reducing dosage is about 30-50%)

Accord with environmental requirements


Application Method:

CLIMCO-8330 can be added into formulations directly

CLIMCO-8330 can be mixing before using to improve the coverage of spray, improving inner absorption and reducing volume of spray. Recommended water supply volume is 50% or less against normally water supply volume, using lesser bore diameter nozzle, properly speeding up the spray speeding.


Typical dosage:

Plant growth regulators: 0.025-0.05%

Herbicides: 0.025-0.15%

Insecticides: 0.025-0.1%

Bactericides: 0.015-0.1%

Fertilizer and microelement: 0.015-0.1%


Storage and Expire Date:

Un-open storage under normal temperature, the shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacturing. Container should be sealing after each use.


Sample Package: 100g

Finish Product Package: 25kg plastic drum