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Amino Silicone Oil





Typical Physical Properties

The data is just for reference only based on CLIM lab testing




Colorless and transparent to light yellow liquid

Viscosity cst /25 


Solid content 120/2h %


Amine value


Specific Graity




Refraction index (nD25)



Product Description

CLIMCO®426 amino silicone oil is a kind of amino-modified polyorganosiloxane with diamine groups on lateral chain. The molecular structure is R1(CH3)2Si 0[(CH3)2Si 0]m [(R2)(CH3)Si 0]n Si(CH3)2R1. In this structure, R1 is methyl or oxhydryl; R2 refers to amino-alkyl with primary amine and secondary amine. The product has quite powerful absorption to human hair and textile fiber, such as cotton, wool, silk, hemp, etc. In addition, it can be closely bond with the active groups in hair or fiber and its surface will form a layer of firm protective film, which will produce lasting soft, smooth and glossy sense and makes it wear resistant, bending resistant and washable.


Product Application
Applied in high-grade hair shampoo to make the hair softer, smoother and glossier, obviously reduce the carding and antistatic and washable.
Applied for treating the textile fiber, such as cotton, wool, hemp and silk to make them soft, smooth and elastic. Thus it is the ideal material for making hair shampoo and high-grade textile softener.
Applied for glazing and protection of wooden and leather furniture and floor.
Other applications unexhausted and to be developed.


Application Method

1. When applied in hair shampoo, the amino silicone oil shall be emulsified by nonionic or amphion surfactant and then be added into hair shampoo, hair conditioner, nutrition hair oil, mousse, etc. according to the solid content standard of 0.5~1%. As the emulsified silicone emulsion,CLIMCO®426 amino silicone oil emulsion can be directly used.

2.  When applied to soften the textiles, such as cotton, wool, hemp and silk, it shall be emulsified firstly; then add the amino silicone emulsion to the softening emulsion and mix up; then it can be used to soften the textile. The dosage is decided according to the softened textile and technical requirement. Generally, it is 0.3~1% (solid content) of the water.



CLIMCO®426 will encrust or takes on crosslinking curing when exposed in open environment too long and have viscosity change or crosslinking tendency if mixed with acid base matter. As it will become yellow in high temperature, it is not suitable for treating white or light textiles.


Storage and Validity

1. The silicone oil and emulsion shall be sealed in clean polyethylene plastic drums or iron drums lined with plastics and are forbidden to contact with strong acid or alkali materials.

2.  It shall be stored in ventilated, cool and dry places at room temperature of 4~35.

3.  It shall be transported as nontoxic and non-dangerous goods.

4.  Expiry date: 1 year. It is applicable if qualified after one year.

Product Packaging

Finished package: 
200kg drum or 1000kg/IBC