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INCI: Dimethicone


Silicone oil 201 is colorless, transparent liquid, odorless, no-toxic, viscosity ranging from 5-5millioncps

Little change in physical property and serve from -50°C-200°C

Excellence water repellencey, good dielectric and insulation performance

Low surface tension


1.Insulating oil, lubricant oil, damping oil, anti-shock oil, defoaming oil, release agent, auxiliary, etc.

2.Defoamer efficient in precision machinery and instrumentation used to prevent vibration, damping,  lubrication,  transmission and so on, high-temperature off grinding agent.

3.Surface treatment agent, in the paint, grease, cosmetics and other products as additives to improve flow ping, silky properties.


Incline to be degradated or volatilized contacting strong acid or alkalis and Lewis acid in high concentration.

The reaction is more obvious in higher temperature. Viscosity inclines to grow till cross-linking in low concentrated strong acid or alkalis contact or overtime high-temperature interaction.


Packing and storage

200L iron drum (200kg/drum) or 25kg plastic barrel sealed packaging. No contact with strong acids and alkalis;

Stored at room temperature in ventilated and cool place;

Non-toxic non-dangerous goods storage and transportation.