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Silicone Emulsion


INCI: Amodimethicone (and) Cetrimonium Chloride (and) Trideceth-12


Typical physical properties

The data is just for reference only based on CLIM lab testing




Milky white   liquid

Silicone content   %


Viscosity cst/25





Weak cationic


Product Description

CLIMCO®526 is a reactive amino silicone emulsion. With excellent affinity to hair fiber and durable film, it can deeply repair damage hair, delivers a unique smooth, fullness, velvety, non-greasy feeling and improve wet and dry combing to hair. And it can be directly add into formulation.


Provide excellent wet and dry combing
Improves softness and smoothness
Deeply repair damage hair
Enhances hair gloss
Ready to use


Cosmetics Applications

Conditioning shampoo

Rinse-off or leave on conditioners

Hair spray

Hand or body care products.


Application Method

When used in hair conditioning products, the recommended dosage is 3.0-5.0%, and weak acidic pH will help to achieve better performance. To have better dispersing, please add it into formulation below 40  with good stirring.


Storage and Validity

When stored under room temperature, the warranty period is over 12 months. Avoid exposure to extremely low and high temperature, which may cause frozen or deteriorate. If frozen, please don’t directly heated the products. Warm it slowly under room temperature with stirring. To ensure the product performance, please use up the material quickly after open, or screw up the cover tightly.


Product Packaging

Finished package: 200kg drum.