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Ultra-strong Wetting and Penetrating Agent

Ultra-strong Wetting and Penetrating Agent

产品名称:Ultra-strong Wetting and Penetrating Agent

产品编号:CLIMCO® A0077



Ultra-strong Wetting and Penetrating Agent

Silicone Surfactant


Product Description:      

CLIMCO-A0077 is a typical silicone wetting and penetrating agent for agriculture, it has lowest surface penetrating quality and wonderful water solubility, it has better mobility under low temperature. It has low surface tension and low foam stability. It is widely used in insecticides, bactericides, herbicides, plant growth regulator, leaf fertilizers, microelement and biopesticides these agriculture chemical mist spray. It has better solubility, permeability and compatibility in high concentrate strong acid, alkali and electrolyte solution. It is without any corrosive action for all kinds of substances, it can quickly wet plant leaves and polypide surface, promote effective ingredients to quick extension, permeation, absorption, has best performance cost.


Technical Data:




Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid

Viscosity 25/cps


Solids Content %120 2h




Minimum Surface Tension mN/m


Pole-strength penetration (1% a.q)





Applications and Characteristics:

It has below characteristics when used in insecticides, bactericides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, leaf fertilizers,

microelement and biopesticides these agriculture chemical mist spray:


1.       Reduce mist spray surface tension and biology target contact angle. Improve liquid medicalwetting and adhesion abilities in the drone biology.


2.       Increase mist spray expansion area in the target biology. CLIMCO-A0077 its expansion capability is the key factor why it can be as agriculture agent, because expansibility not only depends on surface tension reduction. For example, the expansion capability of silicones are better than organic fluorine surfactants, but the surface tension of organic fluorine surfactants are lower than silicones.


3.       Promote mist spray quick absorption, improve rain wash resistance ability. Herbicides, plant growth regulator and nutrient substance their final application points are in plants internal, many bactericides and insecticides all have systemic, silicone agent can strengthen medicament absorption for leaves. Silicone agent can effectively reduce surface tension, lower than wetting crisis of leaves surface (about 23mN•m-1), so it can promote liquid medical to permeate into leaves pellicle through stoma. Leaves pellicle and outside surface is connection, the liquid medicalenters into leaves’ sub-stoma tune, this diosmose is partly similar with extension., and permeation performance should be over extension performance, this is the unique performance for trisiloxanes. According to experiment proof, adding silicone surfactants, the drug’s absorptivity can be over 80% when applications of pesticides 10 minutes.


4. Little toxicity, safety for environment, meet long-term environmental requirements



CLIMCO-A0077 its dosage is 0.01%-0.1% in insecticides, herbicides, plant growth regulators and leaf fertilizers, it should add before spray. Please add CLIMCO-A0077 into stock solution to do applicability test, recommended to add 0.5%-4% against pesticides stock solutions.



Storage, Transportation and Expired Date:

Stored in cool place, avoid to sunlight, can transport as non-danger products. Seal storage under 38, the expired date is 24 months from the date of production.


Finish Products Package: 50KG/200KG plastic drum


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Pesticides Silicone Surfactant
Pesticides Silicone Surfactant

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